Sea Kayaking Leadership Programs


There are a variety of options for paddlers interested in leadership training. SKILS offers leadership training through Canada’s oldest and most widely recognized organizations.

Paddle Canada Instructor Certification Courses

Paddle Canada LogoPaddle Canada leadership training focusses primarily on instructional skills and knowledge. These programs offer excellent training for student and club leaders, and for all professional instructors working along inland and coastal waters.

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Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia Guide Certification Courses

Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC logoCanada’s oldest sea kayaking certification program is based in British Columbia. This program has set the standard for guiding in Canadian National Parks and has been influential in the development of a number of other programs around the world including in New Zealand, Chile, and Denmark. If you are looking to work as a sea kayak guide anywhere in the world, then check out these courses.

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Paddle Canada Leadership Programs

Paddle Canada Rolling Instructor

Gain Paddle Canada certification as a Kayak Rolling Instructor through a mix of online and in person course work. Prior to meeting as a group, participants will need to complete pre course reading, online classroom assignments and review, as well as some preparatory exercises. This pre course work will help us take full advantage of our in person time. We will then spend a day together learning about the art of teaching rolling. Learn from your peers and hands on experience while we work to refine and expand your existing knowledge. This course is designed for existing Paddle Canada kayaking instructors who can roll and who ideally have some experience teaching rolling. ,

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
TBA, 2018 Victoria, BC CDN $200 book now


Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Instructor

Covers all the basics for helping others get onto the water, basic kayak handling, safety, and group management on sheltered day trips.

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
June 8-10, 2018 Victoria CDN $375 book now


Paddle Canada Level 1 Instructor

This course builds on the skills and knowledge of the Intro to Kayaking course adding navigation and weather interpretation and more advanced leadership skills for more exposed waters on a day trip.

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
March 24-28, 2018 (5 days) Victoria, BC CDN $645 book now
May 7-11, 2018 North Vancouver, BC TBA
June 2-6, 2018 Montreal, Quebec CDN $700 book now
October 13-17, 2018 (5 days) Victoria, BC CDN $645 book now


Paddle Canada Level 2 Instructor

Essential training for all instructors working in more demanding coastal environments with exposed coast lines, surf, currents, and dynamic weather. Leadership and group management skills for overnight programs are also presented.

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
March 17-19, 2018
(Online classroom starts on February 17, 2018)
Victoria CDN $750 book now


Paddle Canada Level 3 and 4 Instructor

These awards are only available through mentorship. Contact us for details.

SKGABC Guide Courses

SKGABC Level 1 Guide (formerly Day Guide)

This course covers all the basics of managing a group of clients on an extended day trip on coastal waters. Skill areas include strokes, rescues, launching and landing, record and interpret the weather, navigate by piloting, reading charts, understanding tides and currents, on water group management, emergency communication, and safety skills. Personal skills and knowledge are also reviewed during the course.

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
March 24-28, 2018 Ucluelet CDN $775 book now
May 17-21, 2018 Ucluelet CDN $775 book now
October 4-8, 2018 Ucluelet CDN $775 book now
June 19-24, 2018  Hay River, NWT Email us at for more information



SKGABC Assistant Overnight Guide Upgrade

Folks who have taken the Level 1 Guide Course can upgrade to an Assistant Overnight Guide with this abbreviated program.


 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
May 30-June 3, 2018 Ucluelet and Clayoquot Sound CDN $800 book now


SKGABC Assistant Overnight Guide

Looking to move straight into multi-day guiding? Then this is the course for you. Our comprehensive and intensive curriculum refines your personal skills and reinforces critical leadership and group management skills necessary for long distance wilderness travel. Many recreational paddlers also enjoy the rigour of this course and take its advantage to refine coastal touring skills.

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
April 28-May 6, 2018 Ucluelet and Clayoquot Sound CDN $1299 until March 20

CDN $1399 after March 20

book now
May 12-20, 2018 Ucluelet and Clayoquot Sound CDN $1299 until March 20

CDN $1399 after March 20

book now
July 7-15, 2018 Ucluelet and Clayoquot Sound CDN $1299 until March 20

CDN $1399 after March 20

book now
September 15-23, 2018 Ucluelet and Clayoquot Sound CDN $1299 until March 20

CDN $1399 after March 20

book now


SKGABC Level 3 Guide Workshop

The Level 3 Guide Workshop is designed as a short and intense review of the skills and knowledge expected of a Level 3 Guide. It is intended for Level 2 Guides preparing for their Level 3 Exam or as an early season refresher for Level 3 Guides. We’ll work through a wide range of paddling, safety, and leadership skills, review how to record and predict the weather, calculate more complex tides and currents, and navigate using a range of tools and techniques. We’ll provide each candidate with a detailed assessment and a recommendation whether or not to challenge the SKGABC Level 3 exam.

 Dates  Location  Price  Join Us!
April 9-11, 2018 Clayoquot Sound CDN $450 book now


SKGABC Level 2 Guide, Level 3 Guide, Guide Trainer, Examiner

These are awarded by examination and mentorship direclty through the SKGABC to candidates who have completed the requisite training and acquired sufficient professional experience. Contact the SKGABC for details.

SKILS can coordinate private group exams through the SKGABC. Contact us for details.

Custom Programs

We can also design a custom program to meet your specific needs. Contact us for details.

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