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Paddle Canada is a national non-profit committed to supporting canoeists and kayakers.  Paddle Canada is committed to meeting this goal by developing standard skill sets for paddlers and providing training to support these skills.

Paddle Canada’s Mission Statement

To promote all forms of recreational paddling to Canadians of diverse abilities, culture or age, to advocate for a healthy natural environment, and to develop an appreciation for the canoe, stand up paddleboard and the kayak in our Canadian heritage.

The 4 Pillars of Paddle Canada’s Mission


We promote and teach the safe use of canoes and kayaks.

Educational Programs

We train our instructors to certify people in the knowledge & skills of safe and enjoyable canoeing and kayaking.

Environmental Awareness

We help develop a love and respect for our natural resources.


We nurture understanding of the place of the canoe and the kayak in our Canadian heritage.

There are 3 streams in Paddle Canada’s curriculum.

  1. The Skills stream is designed for recreational paddlers, and takes you from day paddling in calm, sheltered waters to multiday touring along open coastlines.
  2. The Instructor stream is designed for paddlers with an interest in leadership and teaching.
  3. The Instructor Trainer stream is designed for paddlers who are interested in teaching the teachers.

A schematic of the Paddle Canada program is included below. If you have specific questions about the Paddle Canada program, contact us. Also, check out the Paddle Canada website.