Sea Kayaking Recreational Courses

Whether you are curious about sea kayaking or want to further develop your skills, we have a program for you.

Paddle Canada Certification Programs

This two day course is for new and enthusiastic paddlers looking to jump in with both feet.  We cover all the basics and add some weather, navigation, and day touring skills for good measure. SKILS is providing kayak, kayak equipment and immersion gear.

Level-2 builds on the skills covered in Level-1 Program by refining existing skills and adding new ones like rolling and paddling in currents.  Touring skills are also introduced on an overnight trip for our 5 day course. Our 4 day course has no overnight component.  Anyone looking to tour in coastal waters should have these skills.

Skills introduced in Level-2 are polished and applied in even more dynamic waters on the open coast. This course also includes a leadership component for those paddling in peer groups.

This is where all the other cool paddling stuff lives! Designed for experienced coastal paddlers, Level-4 provides a dynamic and rewarding group environment for paddlers to share skills and knowledge and add a few extra tools to their tool box.

General Recreation Programs

We designed this program with touring in mind. We start our program by learning how not to surf, and slowly build in the skills and knowledge to paddle with confidence in and around the surf zone.

Surfing a sea kayak with control is an incredible feeling. Dropping into a wave and doing a bottom turn before carving down the line and then sliding up into a nice top turn is possible in a sea kayak. This course is recommended for graduates of the SKILS Sea Kayak Surfing course.

Currents are ubiquitous features of coastal paddling and they offer rewards and risks. These clinics apply basic skills and knowledge to these dynamic waters, helping develop knowledge and confidence.

We love currents paddling around Quadra Island and at Skookumchuck Rapids and we want you to come see what all the fuss is about! Lots of rapids, boils, eddies, and big waves. If this is your idea of a good time, come play with us.

Rock gardening is the sea kayaking equivalent of white water paddling. We actively seek to play where waves and rocks meet. Its a great place to refine your technical paddling skills, sharpen your tactical decision making, focus your mental concentration and awareness, and challenge your physical limits.

SKILS offers a wide range of clinics for paddlers. Challenge yourself and learn news skills with a clinic.

This is a sea kayak touring and instructional camp geared towards intermediate and advanced paddlers.

Our Clayoquot Instructional Tour aims to help you gain confidence paddling in the magnificent waters  of Clayoquot Sound. We combine a relaxing tour atmosphere with the opportunity to learn key kayaking skills in an educational paddling adventure.

Anglesey in Wales, UK is a world-class sea kayaking destination and an area of outstanding natural beauty. What makes it so special is the abundance and variety of dynamic tidal races, rugged cliffs, offshore islands, rock gardening, sandy beaches

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