Custom Courses & Programs

SKILS specializes in designing programs to meet your needs.

75% of our programming is run as custom and/or private courses and trips and with the extensive experience of our exceptional staff, we can offer the ideal experience to meet any paddling goals.

If you are looking for training to boost the skills and confidence of your staff, a carefully designed adventure to help your club gain knowledge and experience, a detailed personal training to take your own paddling to the next level or plan your dream vacation on a custom and private expedition, we can expertly and effectively accommodate your goals. Begin by filling out a custom training request form or just send us an email to start a conversation about your exact needs and wants. We will quickly work together to design the best possible experience to facilitate you achieving your objectives. Your time is precious, custom training and tours will ensure you meet your goals efficiently.

Submit a Service Request Form and we’ll help you put together a customized program.