Sea Kayak Clinics

SKILS offers a wide range of private custom Clinics for paddlers. A sampling of our clinic topics are included below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just drop us a line.  We’re keen to develop a Clinic to suite your needs.

Depending on group size and equipment need, pricing will vary. Contact us today.

We can offer Clinics across Canada. We currently have staff in Toronto, Victoria, Courtenay, Vancouver, Tofino and Ucluelet.

Manoeuvring Strokes

Maneuvering strokes in calm water introduction to linking and blending strokes for efficient maneuvering. Techniques for maneuvering in the wind and in current.


Navigation, weather predictions & trip planning (half or full day). Dead reckoning, piloting, GPS, weather broadcasts – reports – synopsis and forecasts … and all the decision-making that goes into planning a successful multi-day trip.


Towing (half day). Test out a variety of towing-gear and towingtechniques for towing and rescues that involve towing.


Rescues – assisted and unassisted (half day only). If you do go for a swim, getting back into the kayak can be a challenge – one technique does not work for all circumstances. Improve old techniques and learn new ones.

Manoeuvring and Boat Control

Maneuvering and boat control in moving water (3 knots)

Rolling & Bracing for Beginners and Intermediate

Rolling & bracing (half day only) beginners

Rolling & bracing (half day only) intermediate — for those who have rolled once or twice before. Improve old techniques and learn new ones.