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NEW BOOK! Sea Kayak Touring and Leadership Manual. Freedom of the Seas Volume 2. 2024. 450 pages in color! Paperback $49.99 (or eBook $32.00)

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Written by JF Marleau, Justine Curgenven, Michael Pardy and Illustrations by Andrew Woodford. Published by SKILS.

Invest in making your dream paddling trip a reality! This book aims to be the most complete source of information for sea kayak touring paddlers worldwide to increase knowledge, safety, and enjoyment. It covers day trips to multi-month trips with examples from across the world. This is a reference for all paddlers, from beginners to experts, who tour large bodies of water. Allow us to save you so much money, time and trouble! This book is also available as an ebook for $32.00

This book is for:

  • Recreational paddlers–beginners to experts
  • Sea kayak leaders, guides, and instructors
  • Participants in guide & instructor training courses.

  • Contents

    • Managing risks
    • Developing tools for better group dynamics
    • Developing leadership
    • History of sea kayaking
    • Dressing for sea kayaking
    • Selecting the right kayak
    • Packing a kayak
    • Transporting a kayak
    • Safety equipment
    • Trip logistics
    • Towing
    • Conservation etiquette
    • Managing food & water
    • Setting up tarps
    • One-way and two-way communication
    • Interacting with wildlife
    • Fishing from a kayak
    • And much more...
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