Customer Service Training

SKILS staff haven’t just worked on the water.  Many of us have also worked for Canada’s leading retailers and manufacturers.  We have translated this experience into a comprehensive set of customer service training modules.   We’re not sales reps, we’re committed paddlers who have made a career of our passion.  We know what customers want – honest, timely, and professional service and we know how to provide it.

Our customer service sessions are scalable from one hour to several days.  Some of our topics include:

  • This is good customer service
  • Meeting and greeting customers
  • Assessing their needs
  • Knowing when to close and when to walk away
  • Jargon free service
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Running effective on water demos
  • Organizing a local paddling festival

We can reinforce these customer service sessions with on water training so your staff don’t just talk the talk of paddling, but actually experience the products in their environment.

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