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This is the Roll 2

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Winner of the Best Educational Film at the Waterwalker Film Festival, "This is the Roll 2" contains step-by-step instruction on how to do 22 of the more advanced Greenland style rolls. Each roll is clearly demonstrated with underwater footage, multiple angles, detailed analysis and easy-to-follow learning progressions. Troubleshooting chapters show students making common mistakes and instruction on how to solve these issues. Euroblade chapters highlight the differences associated with using a feathered blade.

This is the second DVD insturced by renowned teachers and rollers Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson.

There are 4 families of rolls with an overview chapter at the start of each family covering the common aspects. The chapters are,


Standard Greenland Roll Family

Standard Greenland Roll Family Traits
Butterfly Roll
Crook of elbow Roll
Armpit Roll
Standard roll with the paddle behind the head
Spine Roll
Forward to aft Norsaq Roll
Forward to aft Hand Roll
Rock roll
Closed fist roll
Elbow roll
Straight jacket roll

Storm Roll family

Storm Roll Family Traits
Cross Arm Storm Roll
Forward to Forward Norsaq Roll
Forward to Forward Hand Roll

Reverse sweep family

Reverse Sweep Family Traits
Reverse Sweep with paddle behind the head
Paddle held behind the Back Roll
Aft to Forward Norsaq Roll
Aft to Forward Hand Roll

Sculling roll family

Sculling Family Traits
Chest Sculling
Foredeck sculling roll
Under boat sculling roll
Vertical sculling roll

Yoga & Strecthing for Rolling

Cheri & Turner travel the world teaching rolling and Greenland kayaking skills and both have competed in Greenland at their National Kayak Championships. They are widely known for their excellent teaching style, and their unique progressions that they have developed over years of teaching.

We recommend that everyone who watches this video is familiar with the material in 'This is the Roll'. Our first DVD covers the fundamental principles needed to roll in great detail.

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